Sphynxes stand out among other cats due to their lack of fur or hair—an uncommon occurrence among most mammals. These non-furry felines love to sprawl out in sunspots for warmth whenever possible. They make excellent cuddle buddies and prefer to keep warm under the covers with their owners at night. These outgoing, exceptionally friendly and playful felines generally enjoy the company of other cats, dogs, and children, making them a great choice for a family pet.

What the sphynx lacks in hair, it more than makes up for in personality. These peach-fuzz-coated cats are known for their exceptionally friendly, affectionate, and cuddly personalities. Many are dog-like in their desire to be close to their favorite humans whenever possible. They enjoy cuddling and other affectionate interactions, and they are rarely shy with new people, children, other cats, and even dogs.

While the ancient Aztecs bred hairless cats hundreds of years ago, the sphynx cat we know today is actually a Canadian breed originating in Toronto in 1966 from a random genetic mutation. The mutation caused the kitten to be hairless. Some breeders took a liking to the hairless cat and decided to breed individuals that produced consistently hairless offspring.

Originally called the Canadian hairless, the breed made its way to America, and both American and Canadian breeders continued to develop the new breed, cross-breeding sphynx cats with Devon rex cats, another breed that has little hair. Over time, the sphynx cat was established as a new breed with its own breed standards.
You might assume that a cat with little-to-no fur wouldn’t require much grooming, but in fact, the sphynx cat needs more grooming than many other normally furred breeds. Because they have no hair to absorb their body oils, the sphynx cat’s skin must be washed regularly to maintain a healthy balance of oil and prevent skin problems and oil spots on furniture.

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