Siberian cats are affectionate, fluffy beauties with noble character. Despite their strong affection for the owner, they don’t demand too much attention. Friendly pets get along well with children and with other pets. These are slim and graceful cats with gentle temper. Coat colors can be different, except for pure white. Siberian cats of color-point color with blue eyes are allocated into a separate breed – Neva Masquerade. Animals of this breed have been known for many centuries. Initially, Asian traders brought them to Siberia and called such cats Bukhara. Thanks to merchants, animals settled in Russia and later gained popularity worldwide. They were recognized in the 20th century as a separate breed.

The weight of a female Siberian cat is 3.5-5 kilograms, and male – up to 10 kilograms. The life expectancy of Siberian cats is 15-17 years, but some centenarians live up to 20-22 years. These cats mature for a long time: the representatives of this breed, especially males, are fully formed by 3-5 years. Siberian cats are hygienic, quickly get used to the toilet, and get along with other animals.

Typical Siberian cats have a gentle temper. They get along with other pets, willingly play with children, and rarely show aggressive behavior. They are very devoted and quickly become attached to the family. Generally, Siberian cats get used to their names quickly. They usually wait for the owner from work and are very bored being alone. At the same time, cats of this breed never bother their owners: they have an innate sense of tact. If the owner is busy or not in the mood, the cat will just sit next to him.

Caring for Siberian cats is not difficult. They cope with elementary grooming themselves, but the tangles may form in places where the coat is too soft (behind the ears, armpits, near the groin). Therefore, the cats need regular combing with a soft slicker brush. You can use special sprays or dry shampoos for tangles.

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