Scottish fold

Scottish Fold cats are well-known all over the world. People choose them due to the unusual exotic appearance of these affectionate cats.

It is considered that a lop-eared cat was first discovered on a farm in Scotland in the third quarter of the 20th century. So people became interested in such an anomaly. The cats were crossed with the British, so the first representatives of the new breed turned out.

Scottish cats are strong, have large paws, and a small rounded muzzle. The most distinguishing feature of these cats is naturally curved forward unusual ears.
Scottish Fold cats are unpretentious and calm. They are not overly active.

In early childhood, kittens’ ears look usual. After three weeks, they begin to descend and assume their unusual position. Moreover, in one offspring, there can be both kittens whose ears have dropped and straight-eared ones. The color of cats can vary.

The psychology of the Scottish Fold is significantly different from most representatives of the feline family. These cats are friendly and sociable and gladly make the company.

They love having fun with children and quickly become attached to them. For example, they can stand on their hind legs and remain in this position for a long time, which is devastating for children or guests.

By the way, they also meow specially and very quietly. That’s why experts call them noble.

Among the cats of this breed are both short-haired and long-haired. Owners of cats with long hair should brush their pets several times a week, while pets with short hair need to be combed less often. Bathing these cats is necessary. They are very hygienic and monitor their appearance carefully. Ears should also be checked and cleaned regularly. They will not scratch furniture if you buy a scratching post in advance and show it to your pet. These cats are easy to accustom to the tray. They quickly understand what the owner wants and where to go to the toilet.

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