Persian & Exotic

Exotic Shorthairs and Persians are often confused with one another. The reason for this is that the breed standards for both cats are identical, except for the coat length. Exotic Shorthairs have short coats, whereas Persians have long, glamorous coats.

In addition to the different coat lengths, Exotic Shorthairs are a bit feistier and more social, whereas Persians enjoy quiet, relaxing environments. Understanding the differences between these breeds can help you determine whether an Exotic Shorthair or Persian is right for your home.

The Exotic Shorthair was developed by breeding Persians with American Shorthairs, as well as Burmese and Russian Blues. The result is an adorable cat that looks like a Persian, but it has a more laid-back nature and fewer grooming requirements.

Exotic Shorthairs are best for families that want a loving and affectionate companion cat. The cat will fit in best in homes where someone is always home. They also make good cats for individuals who do not want to groom their pets daily.

Exotic Shorthairs are known for being easygoing and peaceful companions. They love to follow you around, and they will sit in your lap whenever given a chance. Males make especially loving companions, though females are loving too. Females are just a bit more independent than males.

Persians and Exotic Shorthairs look nearly identical. In fact, these two cats have all the same standards. The only difference is the coat length. Exotic Shorthairs have short hair, whereas Persians have long hair that requires daily grooming.

Since Exotic Shorthairs have much shorter hair than Persians, they are sometimes called the “Lazy Man’s Persian.” To keep it beautiful and untangled, you will only need to comb out the fur once or twice a week. While your cat is shedding, groom a few more times than usual just to keep your home clean.

Persians are one of the most glamorous cats around. They have an adorable face with a flowing coat, making it a popular cat breed. Unfortunately, the breed has intense grooming requirements and some health issues, only making it an option for individuals willing to put in a lot of effort for their cat.

Overall, Persians are best for quiet households and households that know how to treat a cat with respect. They can tolerate being alone well, but make sure you have the time to groom their coat once a day.

Both Exotic Shorthair cats and Persian cats are lovely breeds. They have adorable faces and loving personalities known for their loyalty and affection to their owners. Despite all their similarities, Persians and Exotic Shorthairs are not identical.

An Exotic Shorthair is better for you if you have a rambunctious home and don’t want to groom your cat daily. The cat will not be overwhelmed and will love the attention it gets. Most Persians will be overwhelmed with this sort of environment.

You might want a Persian instead if you have a quiet home, are not home during the day, and don’t mind grooming the cat at night. The Persian will appreciate the quiet environment and won’t get lonely while you are at work.