Burmese cats are medium-sized felines with strong, muscular bodies, rounded heads, and expressive gold eyes. These affectionate and intelligent kitties may descend from an ancient breed in Myanmar (formerly Burma), but they were officially bred in the United States in the 1930s.

The Burmese cat is a character, full of energy and playful whims. Its kitten-like personality persists into adulthood, and it has also been described as being almost dog-like in its devotion to its human family.

When the Burmese isn’t playing, it is probably following its owner around or cuddling for a nap. Females are more likely to be actively in charge of a household, while males supervise from the comfort of a lap. Both sexes have soft, sweet voices and enjoy “conversing” with people. 

Burmese cats’ coats are short and fine with a glossy, silky shine. They require minimal grooming and do not shed much. Grooming your cat with a rubber brush once a week should be enough to rid the coat of dead hairs and keep it looking lustrous.

It is also important to keep your cat active. Burmese are playful and energetic and do best in active homes with families that are willing to play and interact with their pets. These cats are highly trainable and enjoy interactive challenges.

Burmese are compatible with other pets and children. They are athletic, playful, and happiest in an active household. These cats yearn for attention from humans and can become upset if separated for long. Burmese develop strong attachments to their owners, and while they may need a couple of weeks to adjust to their new home, these deep bonds develop relatively quickly. To keep your Burmese happy, make sure it always has a companion, whether it’s a human or another pet.

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