A short tail and lynx-like features distinguish the American bobtail from other tabby cat breeds. Despite their wildcat looks, American bobtails are often referred to as the “golden retrievers of the feline world” because of their affectionate, docile personalities. What’s more, they generally love to fetch toys and are easily leash trained.

These cats make great companions for single people as well as families with kids and other pets; they also adapt well to unusual living quarters like RVs, semi trucks, and sailboats.

American bobtails are ideal pets for just about anyone in any living situation. These sturdy, large cats adapt beautifully to family life with kids or other pets, but they also bond deeply with single humans. Because of their open, friendly temperaments—even with strangers—American bobtails are often employed as therapy cats.

They need only moderate amounts of exercise, so they can be happy living in smaller homes and have been known to enjoy mobile lifestyles alongside truckers, RVers, and even sailors!

American bobtails are relatively low-maintenance cats. You can expect to brush your bobtail once or twice per week to remove shed hair and skin and keep its coat shiny and healthy. Twice a year, bobtails will shed more than usual due to seasonal changes, and they may require more frequent brushing during these times.

American bobtails are docile cats with moderate energy levels and minimal exercise requirements. They do appreciate a few minutes of daily playtime, though. Like dogs, bobtails love to play with toys, fetch small items like faux mice, and try their paws at puzzle games. Many American bobtails enjoy going on leisurely leashed walks, too.

The American bobtail cat is a coveted breed among its enthusiasts for several great reasons. These genetically diverse and healthy cats have wonderful personalities and are adaptable to myriad living situations. They tend to get along with everyone and are so friendly with strangers that they make excellent candidates for therapy pets. As wildly beautiful as they are affectionate, bobtails are pretty much a perfect pet for anyone who craves a feline companion.

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