Domestic Bengals are a hybrid of wild cats, whose homeland is Asia, and ordinary domestic cats of different breeds. Their history began in the United States in the 20th century, and now they are well-known worldwide.

These animals resemble their freestyle relatives and look like miniature copies of leopards and other predators. The body of domestic Bengal cats is elongated, muscular, and strong, the paws are powerful, and the head is large with expressive eyes and ears that are not very big and rounded at the tips.

The color of these cats is different. The main shade is often golden or silver with a spotted, rosette, or dark marble pattern. At the same time, the coat of animals is short, dense, soft, silky, and pleasant to the touch.

These cats weigh about 4 and 7 kg, depending on the sex (males are heavier). The average is 5-6 kg. Cats of this breed live 12-15 years.

Bengal cats are loving and devoted creatures. They are playful and energetic and demonstrate remarkable intelligence. Representatives of this breed are extremely “talkative”. They can make sounds like cooing, chirping, or even squeaking. During the day, they need company so as not to be bored. Representatives of this breed are reserved and independent.
Remaining completely non-aggressive, they love to tickle the owners’ nerves because of their liveliness. Bengal cats are even ready to pull off tricks and learn a couple of simple commands. So Bengal cats can even remember how to use a human toilet.

Bengal cats value their freedom. As a rule, they resist being picked up but don’t scratch or bite.

The Bengal cats are neat and take care of their fur. But they will only be glad if you pay attention to them. The condition of the coat depends on the cat’s health. So regularly undergo medical examinations, and treat the animal for parasites. They don’t like walks and prefer familiar spaces. Like other felines, these animals need constant access to food, water, and a litter box. It is better to place a cat bed higher – in a place where the animal will feel safe.

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