The breed got its name in honor of Abyssinia, which was once the name of modern Ethiopia. But the first representatives appeared, most likely, in Egypt. Images of these animals were on the tombs of the pharaohs. And the ancient Egyptians attributed the character of the Abyssinian cats to their goddess of fun, Bastet.

The first representatives of the breed came to Europe in the 19th century. Modern Abyssinian cats appeared in England. The breed was officially recognized in 1882, but for the first time, they appeared at the exhibition 11 years earlier – in 1871. Then the distinguishing feature of these animals were tassels on the ears, which further enhanced their exoticism, and stripes on the paws. But over time, breeders got rid of the similarity to the lynx and the tabby color.

The Abyssinian cat has a medium-length body with muscular limbs and a rounded head. They have almond-shaped eyes, surrounded by light hair, but with dark lines along the contour.

Abyssinian cats are pretty curious. They need to see, taste, and smell everything. The owner should prepare for the fact that this cat will always be suddenly nearby. It won’t be an outside observer. The cat will actively participate in everything, sticking its paws and nose, and pushing the owner. Sometimes such an excessive activity can be annoying, but it is impossible to re-educate an Abyssinian.

It is perhaps the most energetic cat breed in existence. The Abyssinians are always on the move – either play, “help” the owner, or inspect their territory. They easily find something to do, instantly, like children, switching attention from one to another.

Abyssinian cats are very independent. They will never allow being picked up or petted if they do not want it. But if they desire affection, they will show all their perseverance to attract the owner’s attention. These cats are incredibly talkative, and the family should be ready for the most active demands.

Abyssinian cats do not need special care. They have a soft, pleasant-to-the-touch coat and don’t need much combing. These cats are a godsend for those who cannot afford to spend much time caring for an animal.

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